Inchwear is an apparel company that sells, at retail, T-shirts, underwear, headwear, and swimwear. The company is designed for the self-confident male to humorously promote their manhood. Each product will either contain a number or phrase for the purposes of self-expression. The purpose of the company is for guys to wear apparel who crave attention from their circles of relationships.

Our goal is to erase wonder from the world. Who knows? That one person you always wanted to impress just may be won over with an Inchwear shirt, beanie, swimsuit or even underwear. Order now, and prepare to be noticed!



NOW AVAILABLE – Swimwear & Underwear! We’ve been talking about it and the moment is finally here! Our underwear and swimwear collection is now available! Each piece is made in the USA and available in a range of inches to display your “size”. The underwear is currently available in two styles; Briefs and square-cut boxer briefs, both featuring a ruler waistband and both displaying your choice of “size”